Monday, November 29, 2010

List of useful applications for Galaxy S

1) Quadrant pro
Benchmark application

2) Window7 theme for android
As the name suggest, but be warned it is only in chinese version!

3) setcpu v2.10
Underclock your phone to save battery

4) Beautiful widget 324
This is a wonderful weather and clock widget. You can even install a live wallpaper from the same developer that will auto detect and change your homescreen according to the weather.

5) titanium_backup_362_donate
This version of titanium backup enables you to restore uninstalled applications provided you have used it to backup first before the uninstallation.

6) launcherpro icons
wide selection of icons

7) Back light notification pro
enable the back light notification on a galaxy s with supported custom kernel.

8) Aquarium live wallpaper
Breed fishes on your homescreen!

9) Slieit
SWYPE for your phone!

10) google sky

11) Google earth

12) root explorer
explorer evasive system files!

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