Friday, December 31, 2010

Android market hits 200,000 apps

We all know that in recent times in the world of technology; the rapid expansion and progressive growth has done in the field of Smartphones because users found more choices or options due to the availability of new competitive environment for which every Smartphone makers and their Operating System creators comes with new distinctive exciting things that ultimately enhances the mobility of Smartphones industry in eye of users around the world.

The latest great news come for the fans or users of Android that Android Market for apps now holds more than 200,000 apps on Android market for which users of Android can download whatever they want by simply through visit Android Market. We know that Apple App Store is the largest holding apps in the world of Smartphones apps market now. Currently, Apple holds the 300,000 apps which are the largest hub of apps for Apple Smartphone devices. Many experts around the world said that on the latest happening or progress of Android Market Apps that Android Market is the ultimate threat to Apple App Store in future. I think its great progress or growth of Android Market because in March 2010 Android Market just holds the 30,000 Apps which now increase to more than 200,000 Apps.

Google developers of Android said that “It’s just the beginning we soon come with lot of amazing things in future which surely amaze or astonish the world of Smartphones.” Many of us know that before the coming of Android based Smartphones Apple run the Kingdom just in a single hand with pure monopolist control but now the world of Smartphone changes day by day with the fast and furious growth of Android Market which ultimately eradicate the market share and supremacy of Apple Apps Store. In recent times, Android gives so much great apps in Android Market which changes the thinking of Smartphone users.

Not only this, but also the availability of Android OS Gingerbread 2.3 which is the most discuss hot topic in year of 2010 and every one of us who using the Android Apps or Android OS they all want Gingerbread due to their multiple enhancing features which is more compatible or well appropriate than to Apple iOS. Many of us still also waiting for Android OS Honeycomb which will soon comes for specific tablet PC’s. This world of technology is almost unpredictable because no one can hold the market share unless they continuously prosper growth like Android. Thus why I stay with Google because it’s really create distinctive things which other reluctant to do.

source: technologiesblog

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to connect to Samsung kies?

1. Make sure your phone is set to either 'Samsung Kies' or 'Ask on connection' under (eclair) Settings > 'About phone' > 'USB settings'
(froyo) settings > wireless and network > usb settings

2. If you're not running the stock Samsung Launcher (TwLauncher) you need to switch back to it. I'm running ADW.Launcher and using Home Switcher to switch back to TwLauncher before I connect to Kies.

3. Once you're back on TwLauncher, go to Settings > 'SD card and phone storage'. Here you press 'Unmount SD card' under 'Internal SD card'.

4. Once the internal SD card has been unmounted, simply remount it by pressing 'Mount SD card'.

5. Press the Home button to be taken back to the Home page. Note: if you didn't set TwLauncher as your default home app, you shouldn't press the Home button, as that will launch your default home app, instead just backtrack to the Home page manually.

6. Connect your i9000 to your PC using the provided USB cable. If you set your USB settings to 'Ask on connection' in step 1, you'll see a popup where you pick 'Samsung Kies', otherwise it'll connect to Kies automatically.

7. If Kies isn't already started, fire it up and watch as it instantly recognizes your phone.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ultimate Spiderman: Total Mayhem for Android

spiderman apk


Video live wallpaper

unfortunately the application is in mandarin but the operation is very simple even if you are unable to understand mandarin. It is like the usual way of setting your live wallpaper except that you have to config it and browse to the video that you want to play.

Video live wallpaper

Copy Paste It android

Copypasteit apk

1. you need to root your phone
2. unzip the file
3. install the file that is inside the zipped file
4. put copy_screen_text_preferences.xml inside /data/data/ folder, create the folder it is didn't exist
5. restart phone

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to flash LG Optimus One P500 rom?

Files needed:

1) Flashing tools >>KDZ updater

2) Official roms:
South east asia

1) remove sd card
2) run KDZ updater
3) select 3GQCT and DIAG mode for connect/flashing
4) Choose firmware aka rom

5) Click the launch software update
- for few seconds phone will turn itself into emergency mode and flashing will start
- then it shutdown itself
- Once finish you will see the "FINISHED" word in the log
- put back the sd card and turn it on again

you are done!

Reckless racing android

Reckless racing apk

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fishing kings android

Fishing king apk

data file

extract data file to the your sd card/gameloft/games folder

How to transfer files from pc to Galaxy S via internet & vice versa?

No usb cable? No usb port? No bluetooth? On a public computer?
Solution: dropbox (download from android market free)

how it works:
install the app on your phone, then on your pc go to this url : , register and login
Works without any installation of program on the pc!

Whatever files you upload to the url, the files will show up on your phone and vice versa. Super convenient, gone are the days of restriction to wired files transfer horray !

How to change Galaxy S lockscreen wallpaper?

No this screenshot isn't from an iphone, yup it is from my galaxy s ^^.
How do you do that? well use Lock 2.0


Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to get the drawer icon back to the dock on adw launcher?

The layout of the trash bin in ADW launcher has been changed to the top, so you might have accidentally replaced the middle icon in the dock with something else rather than your app drawer. You want to get it back, how? on your homescreen> press and hold > select custom shortcuts > activity > launcher actions > open drawer. There you are done.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to disable media scanner on galaxy s?

Tired of waiting for your phone to run media scanner per boot up? Frustrated at the media scanning each time you delete/add files/take new photos? Well you can disable the media scanning by searching for Aditya media scan (2 versions, root & unroot) from the android market. Try it now, perfectly simple and nice!