Monday, November 29, 2010

List of useful applications for Galaxy S

1) Quadrant pro
Benchmark application

2) Window7 theme for android
As the name suggest, but be warned it is only in chinese version!

3) setcpu v2.10
Underclock your phone to save battery

4) Beautiful widget 324
This is a wonderful weather and clock widget. You can even install a live wallpaper from the same developer that will auto detect and change your homescreen according to the weather.

5) titanium_backup_362_donate
This version of titanium backup enables you to restore uninstalled applications provided you have used it to backup first before the uninstallation.

6) launcherpro icons
wide selection of icons

7) Back light notification pro
enable the back light notification on a galaxy s with supported custom kernel.

8) Aquarium live wallpaper
Breed fishes on your homescreen!

9) Slieit
SWYPE for your phone!

10) google sky

11) Google earth

12) root explorer
explorer evasive system files!

how to install non market .apk games on Galaxy S froyo without adb ?

Download an application called "Installer" from the android market , the icon has an android with an exclamation mark beside it, so it is very easy to identify. Put your non market .apk files into your external sd card. Then run the app on your phone, it will scan all the apk files on your external sd card. Click on those applications that you would like to install. Very user friendly try it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to flash Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 (NOT GALAXY S!!) asia

ROM version I5801DDJG6 asia version (still 2.1)

Why flash?
1) You have got the " Android.process.acore force stop " error which was caused by facebook contacts conflicting with the system.
2) media bug in current system whereby no media sound came out even if not on silence mode.
3) you accidentally bricked your phone.

1) please make sure your kies can link up with your phone before your proceed, this is to make sure that your usb drivers are valid.
2) I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252
This one is samsung's flash program for galaxy 3
3) apollo_0531
This one is the OPS file, unzip it somewhere where you can locate later
4) I5801DDJG6.rar
This one is the rom package (password is: ), just unzip the file which contains a .tar and .dll file to the same directory as the Odin downloader.exe

1) close your kies!
2) open the Odin multi downloader> tick one package> locate the OPS I told you previously> Go to one package option at the bottom & locate the rom package I told you previously. It is in .tar format

you will end up looking like this:

3) Put your phone into Download Mode

- Before you start, make sure your phone's battery is sufficiently charged (50% or more.)
- Power off your phone.
- Wait for the phone to completely shut down (it takes about 30 seconds).
- Press and hold Volume-Down + Home + Power at the same time.
- The phone should boot into Download Mode with the words "do not turn off target"

4) See if the com port gets highlighted in yellow (if it is you are good to go, if not it means your usb drivers are wrong pls install usb drivers again, I am not going to go into details on how to reinstall usb drivers though)

If com port is detected then Click start on the odin downloader and the flashing begins. (the whole process of flashing takes around 5 mins)

If the green bar above the yellow highlighted box jams, DO NOT PANIC ! easy fix. close the ODIN downloader, unplug your usb, take out your phone's battery and let it rest for 5 seconds then slot it back. Repeat step 3.


and you can't go into the download screen! DO NOT PANIC !

You take out the battery and slot it in repeat step 3. It will work trust me.

5) After you press start, just sit back and relax and wait till the show's over. And tada! You have just flashed your galaxy 3, simple???

For other versions of Samsung galaxy 3 apollo

Monday, November 22, 2010


So you are using the adb to install a custom rom (aka application) and suddenly to your dismay this message pops up:

C:\Users\Anonymous\Desktop>C:\android-sdk-windows\tools\adb.exe install "C:\User
1491 KB/s (1630715 bytes in 1.067s)
pkg: C:\Users\Anonymous\Desktop\ROM Manager (Premium) v1.0.5.apk

Press any key to continue . . .

You are then unable to update this application from the market and unable to install another copy of it into your phone.

Don't be alarmed, easy fix.

Why this happens?
It is not because you have insufficient space on your internal storage nor did your lag fix causes this.
This is caused by the remaining .apk in your device (the .apks you used before you flash/hard reset your phone) occupying your system and your phone got confused over duplicate .apk when you tried to introduce it into the system.

requirements to get this fix:
1) phone rooted
2) Root_Explorer_v294 install this with adb
3) titanium backup

1) open the titanium backup > Backup/restore tab> scroll all the way down to look for striked off applications
you will see that the apk u r trying to installing has been striked off from the list. Remember the name of the application.

2) now open root explorer>data>data> look for the name of the apk> press and hold your finger on it> delete

3) you are done! easy? close everything and proceed with your installation with adb again.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Singtel Galaxy S ideas settings

Menu>settings>wireless and network>mobile network>Access Point Names>menu>New Apn

Not Set
Not Set
User name
Not Set
Not Set
Not Set
MMS proxy
Not Set
MMS port
Not Set
Authentication type
APN type

How to remove TWLauncher from galaxy s?


1) You can only uninstall touch wiz if your galaxy S is on froyo

2) Uninstalling of touch wiz makes your system less lag when you are running launcher pro or ADW launcher, however the process is NOT reversible. And you need to have touch wiz to syn to kies, without kies you are unable to update firmware through kies. However you are able to do it manually with Odin flash rom (procedures are discussed in this blog). I strongly suggest you freeze it with titanium backup pro which can be found on this blog as well.

Failure to comply will result in " Android.process.acore " force stopped error and all your contacts will not be able to load (although they are still inside your sim card)

k let's start....

First pick your alternative launcher,

1) ADW launcher (can be found and downloaded in android market)

2) Launcher pro plus v0.8.1.1

Comparison between these 2:
-ADW has ALOT ALOT (yes I emphasize this) of set themes from the market so that you can change it's appearance effortlessly. For launcherpro, the icons and docks appearances are more customizable but you have to DIY with this app Launcher pro icons & docks
-Launcher pro has a very cool 3D drawer and scrollable/swipable dock which makes putting icons on the homescreen redundant because all the apps can be accessed easily via the dock
-Launcher pro has alot of widgets to go along with it, one noticeable one is the people's widget where you can have all your contacts on a scrollable window.

Both are great launcher and better than the touch wiz, I can guarantee you will like them.

How to upgrade to Froyo manually on Galaxy S? (I9000DXJPA asia)

Files needed:

dxjpa rom package


Make sure kies can detect your phone! (so that USB driver is working)

Let's start:

1) Put your phone into Download Mode

- Power off
- Take out battery
- Press and hold Volume-Down + Home + Power at the same time.
- The phone should boot into Download Mode with the words "do not turn off target"

2) run odin from the zipped file that I asked you to download

3) plug in your phone to the USB port of your PC, ID:COM box will turn yellow if you do it correctly

4) insert the files into odin:

In PIT select s1_odin_20100513.pit (you *must* use PIT 513!)
- Tick (Enable) Re-Partition

- In PDA select CODE_I9000DXJPA.tar
- In PHONE select MODEM_I9000DXJPA.tar
- In CSC select CSC_I9000OLBJPA.tar

Click start to flash.

Friday, November 19, 2010

How to root your Galaxy S android 2.1 and Galaxy S froyo?

For 2.1:

Why root galaxy s?

1) after you unroot you can install a lag fix and your speed on galaxy S will be doubled!
2) you can under or overclock your processor speed!
3) you can take screenshots of your homescreen!
4) Froyo for galaxy s is round the corner, so there is no harm rooting your galaxy S as updating your firmware through kies will change everything back!
5) It is super easy to do!

1. Download One Click Lag Fix from Android Market.
2. Open the app and tap on Root Device 2.1
3. Click on Fire it up.
4. When Root Device 2.1 is finished, power off the phone.
5. Now you have to boot into recovery mode. Hold down power button, home button and volume up button until you see the Galaxy S logo. Then let go of the power button while still holding on to the volume up and home to enter the recovery mode.
6. Using volume button, navigate to apply sdcard: and press home button.

7. That’s it you’ve rooted your Samsung Galaxy S. Confirm by finding the Superuser permission app.


for 2.2 froyo

1. download z4root 1.3.0
2. put inside your sd card and install with installer or adb.
3. one click root/unroot

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best widgets for Galaxy S - SwitchPro widget

I am using this fantastic widget to have a one touch access to:
1) turn on/off wifi
2) toggle between 3G and 2G
3) enable/disable gprs
4) off/on background data
5) screen forever on
6) battery indicator
7) mount/unmount sd card
8) screen brightness (custom % brightness)
9) disable screen lock

And many many more! try it you won't regret!

SwitchPro widget apk

Friday, November 12, 2010

How to play .rmvb .rm .mpg on Galaxy S?

RockPlayer can support audio and video container format: avi mkv rmvb mp4 mov wmv asf wma wav mpg ts mpa dvd au mp3 mid ivf aiff ogm ogg cda flic d2v aac roq flac drc dsm swf pls pmp.Audio and video encoding format AAC AC3 DTS FLV4 LPCM ALAW ULAW MPEG Audio MPEG-1 MPEG-2 RealVideo RealAideo Vorbis AVC VC1 XVID DIVX SVQ Theora Bink Theora Bink basically includes all popular multimedia formats.