Friday, November 19, 2010

How to root your Galaxy S android 2.1 and Galaxy S froyo?

For 2.1:

Why root galaxy s?

1) after you unroot you can install a lag fix and your speed on galaxy S will be doubled!
2) you can under or overclock your processor speed!
3) you can take screenshots of your homescreen!
4) Froyo for galaxy s is round the corner, so there is no harm rooting your galaxy S as updating your firmware through kies will change everything back!
5) It is super easy to do!

1. Download One Click Lag Fix from Android Market.
2. Open the app and tap on Root Device 2.1
3. Click on Fire it up.
4. When Root Device 2.1 is finished, power off the phone.
5. Now you have to boot into recovery mode. Hold down power button, home button and volume up button until you see the Galaxy S logo. Then let go of the power button while still holding on to the volume up and home to enter the recovery mode.
6. Using volume button, navigate to apply sdcard: and press home button.

7. That’s it you’ve rooted your Samsung Galaxy S. Confirm by finding the Superuser permission app.


for 2.2 froyo

1. download z4root 1.3.0
2. put inside your sd card and install with installer or adb.
3. one click root/unroot

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  1. would be worth it if the One Click Lag Fix was actually available on this download.