Monday, November 22, 2010


So you are using the adb to install a custom rom (aka application) and suddenly to your dismay this message pops up:

C:\Users\Anonymous\Desktop>C:\android-sdk-windows\tools\adb.exe install "C:\User
1491 KB/s (1630715 bytes in 1.067s)
pkg: C:\Users\Anonymous\Desktop\ROM Manager (Premium) v1.0.5.apk

Press any key to continue . . .

You are then unable to update this application from the market and unable to install another copy of it into your phone.

Don't be alarmed, easy fix.

Why this happens?
It is not because you have insufficient space on your internal storage nor did your lag fix causes this.
This is caused by the remaining .apk in your device (the .apks you used before you flash/hard reset your phone) occupying your system and your phone got confused over duplicate .apk when you tried to introduce it into the system.

requirements to get this fix:
1) phone rooted
2) Root_Explorer_v294 install this with adb
3) titanium backup

1) open the titanium backup > Backup/restore tab> scroll all the way down to look for striked off applications
you will see that the apk u r trying to installing has been striked off from the list. Remember the name of the application.

2) now open root explorer>data>data> look for the name of the apk> press and hold your finger on it> delete

3) you are done! easy? close everything and proceed with your installation with adb again.

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