Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to upgrade to Froyo manually on Galaxy S? (I9000DXJPA asia)

Files needed:

dxjpa rom package


Make sure kies can detect your phone! (so that USB driver is working)

Let's start:

1) Put your phone into Download Mode

- Power off
- Take out battery
- Press and hold Volume-Down + Home + Power at the same time.
- The phone should boot into Download Mode with the words "do not turn off target"

2) run odin from the zipped file that I asked you to download

3) plug in your phone to the USB port of your PC, ID:COM box will turn yellow if you do it correctly

4) insert the files into odin:

In PIT select s1_odin_20100513.pit (you *must* use PIT 513!)
- Tick (Enable) Re-Partition

- In PDA select CODE_I9000DXJPA.tar
- In PHONE select MODEM_I9000DXJPA.tar
- In CSC select CSC_I9000OLBJPA.tar

Click start to flash.

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