Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to flash Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 (NOT GALAXY S!!) asia

ROM version I5801DDJG6 asia version (still 2.1)

Why flash?
1) You have got the " Android.process.acore force stop " error which was caused by facebook contacts conflicting with the system.
2) media bug in current system whereby no media sound came out even if not on silence mode.
3) you accidentally bricked your phone.

1) please make sure your kies can link up with your phone before your proceed, this is to make sure that your usb drivers are valid.
2) I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252
This one is samsung's flash program for galaxy 3
3) apollo_0531
This one is the OPS file, unzip it somewhere where you can locate later
4) I5801DDJG6.rar
This one is the rom package (password is: samsung-firmwares.com ), just unzip the file which contains a .tar and .dll file to the same directory as the Odin downloader.exe

1) close your kies!
2) open the Odin multi downloader> tick one package> locate the OPS I told you previously> Go to one package option at the bottom & locate the rom package I told you previously. It is in .tar format

you will end up looking like this:

3) Put your phone into Download Mode

- Before you start, make sure your phone's battery is sufficiently charged (50% or more.)
- Power off your phone.
- Wait for the phone to completely shut down (it takes about 30 seconds).
- Press and hold Volume-Down + Home + Power at the same time.
- The phone should boot into Download Mode with the words "do not turn off target"

4) See if the com port gets highlighted in yellow (if it is you are good to go, if not it means your usb drivers are wrong pls install usb drivers again, I am not going to go into details on how to reinstall usb drivers though)

If com port is detected then Click start on the odin downloader and the flashing begins. (the whole process of flashing takes around 5 mins)

If the green bar above the yellow highlighted box jams, DO NOT PANIC ! easy fix. close the ODIN downloader, unplug your usb, take out your phone's battery and let it rest for 5 seconds then slot it back. Repeat step 3.


and you can't go into the download screen! DO NOT PANIC !

You take out the battery and slot it in repeat step 3. It will work trust me.

5) After you press start, just sit back and relax and wait till the show's over. And tada! You have just flashed your galaxy 3, simple???

For other versions of Samsung galaxy 3 apollo


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  2. Froyo 2.2 on Samsung galaxy 3 possible but there are lot of issues ...such as 1. voice quality drops significantly.
    2. No adobe 10.1 flash (due to galaxy 3 CPU as its not compatible with flash 10.1)
    so be careful before flashing u r handset...

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