Friday, December 31, 2010

Android market hits 200,000 apps

We all know that in recent times in the world of technology; the rapid expansion and progressive growth has done in the field of Smartphones because users found more choices or options due to the availability of new competitive environment for which every Smartphone makers and their Operating System creators comes with new distinctive exciting things that ultimately enhances the mobility of Smartphones industry in eye of users around the world.

The latest great news come for the fans or users of Android that Android Market for apps now holds more than 200,000 apps on Android market for which users of Android can download whatever they want by simply through visit Android Market. We know that Apple App Store is the largest holding apps in the world of Smartphones apps market now. Currently, Apple holds the 300,000 apps which are the largest hub of apps for Apple Smartphone devices. Many experts around the world said that on the latest happening or progress of Android Market Apps that Android Market is the ultimate threat to Apple App Store in future. I think its great progress or growth of Android Market because in March 2010 Android Market just holds the 30,000 Apps which now increase to more than 200,000 Apps.

Google developers of Android said that “It’s just the beginning we soon come with lot of amazing things in future which surely amaze or astonish the world of Smartphones.” Many of us know that before the coming of Android based Smartphones Apple run the Kingdom just in a single hand with pure monopolist control but now the world of Smartphone changes day by day with the fast and furious growth of Android Market which ultimately eradicate the market share and supremacy of Apple Apps Store. In recent times, Android gives so much great apps in Android Market which changes the thinking of Smartphone users.

Not only this, but also the availability of Android OS Gingerbread 2.3 which is the most discuss hot topic in year of 2010 and every one of us who using the Android Apps or Android OS they all want Gingerbread due to their multiple enhancing features which is more compatible or well appropriate than to Apple iOS. Many of us still also waiting for Android OS Honeycomb which will soon comes for specific tablet PC’s. This world of technology is almost unpredictable because no one can hold the market share unless they continuously prosper growth like Android. Thus why I stay with Google because it’s really create distinctive things which other reluctant to do.

source: technologiesblog

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