Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to connect to Samsung kies?

1. Make sure your phone is set to either 'Samsung Kies' or 'Ask on connection' under (eclair) Settings > 'About phone' > 'USB settings'
(froyo) settings > wireless and network > usb settings

2. If you're not running the stock Samsung Launcher (TwLauncher) you need to switch back to it. I'm running ADW.Launcher and using Home Switcher to switch back to TwLauncher before I connect to Kies.

3. Once you're back on TwLauncher, go to Settings > 'SD card and phone storage'. Here you press 'Unmount SD card' under 'Internal SD card'.

4. Once the internal SD card has been unmounted, simply remount it by pressing 'Mount SD card'.

5. Press the Home button to be taken back to the Home page. Note: if you didn't set TwLauncher as your default home app, you shouldn't press the Home button, as that will launch your default home app, instead just backtrack to the Home page manually.

6. Connect your i9000 to your PC using the provided USB cable. If you set your USB settings to 'Ask on connection' in step 1, you'll see a popup where you pick 'Samsung Kies', otherwise it'll connect to Kies automatically.

7. If Kies isn't already started, fire it up and watch as it instantly recognizes your phone.

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