Monday, September 27, 2010

PS games on Galaxy S - PSX4droid



PSX bios

Final Fantasy VII ROMs:
FFVII disc 1/3
FFVII disc 2/3
FFVII disc 3/3

How to use?

Download all the files on top and extract to a directory on your pc if they are zipped.
If the rom is in .ecm format, use the converter to convert it to .bin
how to convert? simply right click on the .ecm file and open with unecm.exe which can be found inside the converter file.
then transfer the psx bios and rom into anywhere on your phone's sd card, but pls remember the path.

After transfering, install the emulator on your phone. Hit run, browse to the psx bios (there are alot to pick from just take anyone of them), browse to your rom and you are good to go. How to install the emulator? Pls read the first post of this blog on using adb to install non market application.


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