Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Galaxy S vs iphone 4

more pics for screen comparison

More videos comparison:

Haven you bought the right phone?

Galaxy S Samoled vs iphone4's rectina

1.) True black (infinite contrast ratio) vs iPhone 4 CR at 800:1. Black is black on Super amoled but grey or washed out black on rectina.

2.) 1 MICRO seconds Refresh rate vs 25 mill seconds aka faster image response time, no ghosting

3.) Infinite viewing angle vs varying degrees of brightness at different levels without losing colours.

4.) Emissive display has better color reproduction vs transmissive displays

5.) OLED doesn’t need a back-light so you will actually have more battery life watching movies and galaxy s has a 1500mah battery compared to iphone4's 1420mah.

6.) Larger screen 4 inch vs 3.5 inch. Bigger for you to your fingers on.

Galaxy S hardware vs iphone4's hardware
sgx 540 GPU (90million triangles per sec) vs sgx 535 GPU (28million triangles per sec)
1GHZ A8 Cortex processor vs underclocked 800mhzA4 processor(made by samsung too)

Able to insert a 32GB sd card on top of 16GB on the galaxy s vs unadd-able 32GB ip4

SWYPE (very very VERY relaxing way of inputting text with 1 finger) vs tedious tapping

HDMI out via cable or wirelessly through dLNA certified devices vs well idk

Widgets and live wall paper on your galaxy s vs Dull folders on the apple's home screen

Galaxy S screen aspect ratio is 15:9 while iphone4 has 15:10, which means when fitting a 16:9 wide screen video you will experience a thin black line on rectina in top. The image area gets lesser on the iphone4 if your video has subtitles.

An unrooted galaxy S is as free as a jailbreaked iphone4. And you have to jailbreak iphone4 to get freedom on an average of once/month.

Galaxy S do not have the death grip

ip4 cracks on first drop, gorilla glass is much tougher than the one on ip4

Too many people carrying a ip4, you are not unique if you have one

Galaxy S is lighter

Flash 10.1 on galaxy S vs erm idk

Internet tethering right out of the box for galaxy s via wifi (can connect up to 3 devices including your laptop) vs erm idk

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