Saturday, September 11, 2010

N.O.V.A ; Asphalt 5; Modern combat: Sandstorm android

Download 3 in 1 pack apk + data files

Installation instructions:
1) use the adb to install the .apk files (inside the zipped download files) -> more info at first post of this whole blog.
2) the rest of the files in the zipped download files are actually the data files. Extract them to your sd card so that in the end the path where everything gets dumped in will be like this eg. sd card:/gameloft/games/nova/ These data files are somewhat preloaded files so that you dont have to download any stuff from the internet to enjoy your games.

Take note that the directory is gameloft/games not gameloft/game

It is recommended that you use a download manager to download the files if they are moving at snail pace because sometimes the connections drop.

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